Our Services

TECHNOLOGY PLANNING – Technology is evolving so fast today that often times, companies will find the network infrastructures they’ve implemented are usually based on old requirements, and therefore are already outdated.   Instead of being reactive to needs as they become necessary, our approach will be to project out what level of services a company will need now and in the next 3-5 years, then proactively research and recommend sound technical solutions using the most advanced capabilities the market has to offer.

  • Enterprise infrastructure improvements
  • Secure workflow architecture
  • Improved communication tools
  • Process enablement through technology

SECURITY CONSULTING – Recent news events have reinforced the importance of a strong security program in any and every industry.  Let’s face it – everybody uses technology, and every business needs it to some degree, in order to stay relevant in their market.  Keeping up with the latest technical vulnerabilities and the capabilities of the modern day hacker detracts from the time you have to make widgets and meet with clients.  Aptogon’s team of security experts can help.

  • Security posture review
  • Assessments and penetration testing
  • System updates and recommendations
  • Best practice security education

BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT PROCESSES – By interviewing executives in each functional area, we compare industry best practices and standards against existing strengths creating a clearer path to profitability and improved health of a company.

  •  HR practices
  •  Recruiting and retention
  •  Corporate Compliance
  •  Employee morale
  •  Profitability
  •  Brand in community
  •  Talent management
  •  Marketing

STRATEGY MANAGEMENT – By understanding a company’s past and knowing the direction a client wants to go, we will create and oversee a series of achievable milestones that allow a management team to realize the vision and goals they and their stakeholders share.

  • Understand company vision – top and bottom line
  • Identify management needs regarding available and needed resources
  • Outline what should stay, what should go and what should start
  • Have an in-depth understanding of technology market trends
  • Know what the client’s competition looks like


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